Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Goals

Hello, lovelies!  This blog has gotten brushed to the side for long enough!  Life got super hectic, but this summer I have a more mellow schedule, so I should be able to post more.  Often, when I write things down, I am more likely to do them, and when I post things online, I feel held accountable for them.  So consider this my Summer To-Do List, and consider yourself my accountability partner!

My June To-Read Stack
General Goals
1. Read more
2. Write more (journal, letters, blog posts, etc.)
3. Travel
4. Spend time with the people I love
5. Spend time doing things for myself

Blog Goals
1.  Post once a week
2.  Take better pictures
3.  Monthly Favorites
4. Post an occasional OOTD or lifestyle post
5.  Write more reviews

Comment below with your summer goals, and we can try to hold each other accountable!

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