Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 5 Nail Polish Colors for Summer (First Blog Post--Yay!)

Hello, loves!  Before I just dive into the post, I'd like to introduce myself.  I'm Andy.  I am completely in love with makeup, and I decided to create this blog for two reasons: to share my love of makeup and to kill the summer boredom!  Now, onto the actual post!

I am absolutely mental about nail polish!  I paint my nails every Sunday, and I have built up quite the collection of colors.  I thought I would share the top five colors that I love for summer.

L-R: Teal the Cowboys Come Home, Cajun Shrimp, The More the Merrier, Strawberry Margarita, Mint Candy Apple

First off is "Teal the Cowboys Come Home" by OPI.  I love this color because it is such a great shimmery blue.  It is nice because it doesn't sparkle, but it shines with an incandescent sort of glow.  It is a darker blue, but the shimmeryness makes it a great summer color!
Next is "Cajun Shrimp" by OPI.  This is a reddy, coral color.  It is great for the feet when you want a pop of color on your toes to show through your open-toed shoes.   I love coral, but being fair-skinned can make it hard to wear sometimes, but I don't find that this color looks funny with my skin tone at all.
"The More the Merrier" by Essie is the newest addition to my ever-growing nail polish collection.  (I plan on doing a post about all the items I just bought for the summer, so stay tuned!)  I don't have a good green color, so I was really excited about seeing this in Essie's new summer 2013 collection.  I loved how it was almost lime, but not quite.  It makes me think about picnics on golf courses.  I can't wait to rock this color all summer long!
Another pinky color, "Strawberry Margarita" by OPI definitely makes the cut for great summer colors!  I adore this bright pink.  It is so girly and so much fun to wear.  I personally believe that everyone needs a staple pink in her nail polish collection, and this is most certainly mine!

Last, but certainly not least, is "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie.  This is my all-time favorite nail polish color!  I am in love with the glorious, pastelly blue.  It is light and happy and I always get so many complements when I wear it.  In fact, I wore it a while ago to dance class, and everyone noticed it.  Since then, two of the girls have bought the polish!  This is a lighter color, but it is so bright that I would definitely recommend it for the summer.

Well, that's all five of my picks for a great summer nail polish.  Leave a comment telling me what your picks are or letting me know what you think about mine!

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