Friday, June 7, 2013

Best and Worst | Revlon

Hello, lovelies!  I decided to do a post about my favorite and least favorite product in the Revlon line.  I have not tried every single product in their lines, but these are the best and worst of the ones that I have tried.  I narrowed it down to one product that was the best and one that was the worst.  Without further ado, here's what I consider to be Revlon's worst product.
791 Midnight Affair, 615 Banana Blaze
Revlon nail polishes really make me sad.  I am a bit of a nail polish addict, if you couldn't already tell!  These polishes are horribly pigmented.  The yellow (which was a gift-I never would have bought that color!) barely shows up.  It is a "Glimmer Gloss", but there is no pigment.  The dark blue is gorgeous in the bottle.  I was expecting a beautiful shimmery blue, but after about three coats, you get a decent dark blue color.  It also rubs off so easily.  It doesn't chip off, it rubs off.  Strange.  OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark is almost the exact same color, so I will be reaching for it when I want a shimmery dark blue. Priced around $4-$5, these are a complete waste of money!
50 Berry Smoothie, 47 Pink Lemonade, 50 Strawberry Shortcake
I know, I know.  Revlon's lip butters are probably their most raved about item.  And, for good reason!  I have absolutely loved these as they have great pigmentation, moisturize my lips, and stay on for a good amount of time.  I think they are just brilliant!  I have been wearing Pink Lemonade all the time this summer.   I reviewed it in detail here.  One thing I love about the lip butters is that they can be quite casual and I would wear them if I was just running a few errands and didn't want to look all dolled up, but they can also look really nice when you wear more makeup.  I actually wore Berry Smoothie to a dance this winter!
Here are some swatches!
That's all!  Let me know if you've tried either of these products and what you think of them or your favorite/least favorite Revlon product!


  1. The one thing I don't like about the Lip Butters is they seem to rub off pretty quickly on me- a lot of re-application required!

    Maddy @

    1. They don't tend to rub off for me unless I eat something!