Friday, July 5, 2013

Product Review | Bioterra Dry Shampoo

Hello!  I have found a miracle in a can!  My hair is extremely thick and wavy, so washing it can be a bit of a chore.  Also, if I wash my hair everyday, it tends to get dry and frizzy.  So, I only wash my hair about three times a week.  Sometimes, my schedule gets super busy or I get lazy, and I realize that I haven't washed my hair.  This is where dry shampoo come in to play.  I used the Baiste dry shampoos for a long time and loved them, but then I couldn't find them in stores anywhere.  I've tried several others that I didn't like, so I was on the hunt for a new one.  I went to Sally Beauty Supply and picked up one on a whim. I had never heard of the brand or anything, so it was a huge gamble, but it totally paid off!
I have adored using Bioterra's Dry Shampoo!  The directions say to spray it 10-12 inches away from the hair and wait two minutes, then rub in the excess powder.  I tried it, and after two minutes 90% of the powder had worked itself into my hair!  It was actually invisible, which is a claim that lots of dry shampoos make and don't deliver.  Also, it left no gross feeling in my hair!  The one I had been using felt so nasty.  It felt like my hair had turned to straw, and I hated it.  I picked this dry shampoo up for $7.69, and I will definitely be repurchasing it!

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