Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tinted Lip Balm Comparison

A while ago, I did a comparison of lip balms.  You can read it here.  I thought that I would write another one about tinted lip balms, as I've been using them a lot this summer.  They are great when I'm going to the gym or just running an errand, and I'm not wearing much makeup.

Burt's Bees Pomegranate, Sugar Rose, Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me
Burt's Bees is a classic chapstick/lip balm brand.  I got one of their tinted lip balms to try out.  I picked the Pomegranate one.  This is my favorite of my three tinted lip balms!  I love that it is super sheer, but there is still a great pink color.  Its also super, super hydrating which is really nice.  It stays on for a good long while.  Overall, this lip balm is amazing!

I got the Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment from Sephora for my birthday one year.  I really like this, but I don't think I'd purchase the full size.  It is a nice color, but it's nothing to special, and the price (over 20 dollars!) is outrageously high for such a product!  I'd much rather stick to my under 10 dollar Burt's Bees or Baby Lips!  It does have an SPF of 15, which is nice, especially for days out by the pool.

Last is Maybelline's Baby Lips.  These are much loved by so many people!  I have the color #15 Cherry Me.  I like the formula of the balm, and I think it has a really nice texture.  Unfortunately, I didn't pick a great color.  I don't like the way this color looks on me, but I would definitely be up for trying a different shade because I love the way it feels on my lips.  It would be a great product to keep in my handbag, if I had gotten a better color for me!

So, there are my tinted lip balms!  I'm always looking to expand my collection, so tell me some of your favorites below!  Bonus points if you can suggest me a better color of the Baby Lip's collection!

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