Saturday, July 20, 2013

Think Pink!

 Pink is one of those colors that you just can't avoid when you're a makeup girl!  Even thought blue is my favorite color, when it comes to makeup I love my pinks!  I have an extremely light skin tone so I tend to opt for pink lips, I always have pink cheeks, and I adore pink on my eyes.  So, I thought I would write a post about my favorite pink makeup items.

Illamasqua's Hussy; Nars' Orgasm
First up, blushes!  I only have two high end blushes, and I adore both of them!  I've written a reivew of Hussy here, and Orgasm is extremely popular-you've heard it raved about unless you've been living under a rock!  I love having an option for a matte blush or a shimmery blush.  Orgasm is more of a peachy pink, while Hussy is more of a bright bubblegum pink.  I love how my look can change based on which blush I use!

Urban Decay's Sin
One of my all-time favorite eyeshadows is Sin by Urban Decay.  It's my go-to shadow for sweeping all over the lid.  I feel like so many colors look great in the crease with this on the lid!  It is a shimmery, light pink. I love how light it is, because it can be used for a light look or paired with darker colors for a more dramatic look.  It's so pigmented and wonderful.  My only problem with this eyeshadow is my problem with all my Urban Decay powder shadows:  they tend to wear off after a while.  Its so disappointing to get home and see that my eyeshadow has gone wonky.

Nars' Chiuaua, Topshop's Ooh La La, Revlon's Berry Sorbet
My go-to lip gloss is definitely Nars' Chiuaua.  It is such a pretty "dusty rose" pink.  It has a wonderful formula, so it isn't sticky.  It isn't a super dark color, but it is absolutely beautiful.  My matte, bright pink lipstick, Topshop's Ooh La La, is another fave.  I've literally worn it everywhere this summer! I reviewed here.  Revlon's Lip Butter in Berry Sorbet is a great lip choice.  As the name suggests, it has more of a berry pink tone rather than a pinky pink tone (if that makes any sense at all!).  I love adore the lip butters, and this was my go-to lip in February and March.  I like how its a little bit darker, but it is still a pretty pink.

OPI's Bubble Bath, Divine Swine, and Strawberry Margarita
Y'all know I love my nail polishes!  The first pink nail polish I love is Bubble Bath by OPI.  It's a light pink that barely shows up.  I like it because there's just a hint of pink on my nails.  It is a very healthy look, and would definitely work for a school or workplace that doesn't allow crazy nail polishes.  Speaking of crazy nail polishes, Divine Swine by OPI is just that!  My sister got this for me for Christmas a couple years ago.  It's from the Muppet Collection, and it's Miss Piggy's color.  It is pink glitter with big silver flakes.  I love how unique it is with the silver flakes.  It's so fun to wear, and I always get so many complements.  Be sure to wear a top coat, though, because it can come off easily due to the fact it is pure glitter!  OPI's Strawberry Margarita has been on my toes all summer!  I talked about it in detail in this post.

Here are swatches of all the products mentioned:

What are your favorite pink products?  Let me know in the comments!

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