Monday, July 8, 2013

Product Review | Nars Nepal Eyeshadow

Nars is probably my favorite makeup brand.  I mean, I've never purchased a product that I haven't loved.  So, I was in Sephora a while back, and like a moth to a flame, was drawn to the Nars counter.  I was swatching the eyeshadows while my (non-makeup enthusiast) mother was standing by, bored.  I swatched Nepal, and showed her.  She didn't buy it for me, and I decided against buying it for myself.  A few weeks later, I found it tucked away in my Easter basket!  It was such a nice surprise, and I was really glad my mom remembered what I had mentioned in passing to her!

Nepal is a gorgeous bronzy-brown color.  I love that there is enough coppery-bronze in it to make my light blue eyes really pop, but it comes out looking brown.  It is a shimmery shadow.  It stays on all day, which is so nice!  I also love the itty bitty package it comes in.  It just makes me squeal because it's so cute!  This is definitely a shadow I would recommend for making blue eyes pop.
 Just looking at the swatch makes me happy because it's such a pretty color!  I would love to expand my collection of Nars eyeshadows.  Leave me a comment of which ones you love!

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